Wednesday, September 3, 2008

5 months To Go

It is decision time here at Foreign/er and we have come to our conclusion. After trying it out with two public school recruiters and getting basically the same message, I have resigned myself to stay at my current job till the end of January.

Trying to switch to a public school right now seems to be a challenge because I am told that the hiring has been completed. I suppose I could go commando and try to get a public school job myself by contacting the schools, but I don't have the time nor the willingness to be a stressed out monster.

So it is that I will wait till the hiring season peaks up again for public schools, at which time I will have more options and will have all my documents in order.

In the meantime this means working at my current job. Let me just say that it isn't the worst place to be and thankfully I believe it could be worse.

The way I see it is that the place I work for will never change (that is getting parent complaints, being led around in the dark about procedures). The only person or thing I can change is myself and my attitude. So now I will try to not let the frustrations of the job become personal issues for me.

Despite there is the possibility that I could receive more parent complaints and be on the chopping block again, I feel that if I pay attention to what needs to be done and not the drama then perhaps there will be an even playing field.

Anyways, now to just let this chaos calm down and get back to my life.

Hey I don't start work till 1pm anyways!!

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  1. Sure I'm free Sunday after 12:30pm. I have a Korean lesson near Olympic park from 11-12:30pm. Wanna meet up and get lunch/sightsee? It's def much more fun to sightsee with others=^^=


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