Sunday, September 7, 2008

On My Own

BK has been busy with family affairs lately so that has left me to my own devices on one of the days on the weekend. This is a kind of good and bad situation because on the one hand I am able to get out on my own and learn how to get around without him, but at the same time I end up missing him.

However, I think he has taught me enough about how things work here that I can get by on my own.

So this last week at work I was told that they are now going to enforce the dress code more strictly. This dress code includes formal wear, no hoodies and to look professional. As much as this made angry steam rise up in me, I knew it would be easier to comply than to go against it. So this weekend I needed to go out and stock up on a few formal wear necessesities. I have some nice dress shirts (collar shirts) that I took with me from home, so all I really needed were more dress pants and maybe one or two more shirts. Besides the seasons are going to be changing soon to fall and winter, so I didn't want to buy a lot.

My choice of shopping district was Myeongdong. Known for its name brand shops and the store Migliore (a trendy clothing shop). I mostly wanted to go there because I heard there was a GAP store and thought to myself, might as well!

If you are going to go out shopping I would suggest getting an early start because these shopping districts become extremely congested after about 1pm.

When I got there my first stop was the GAP. The prices here are really steep, so if you have a high budget than go for it. I just bought one pair of pants and figured I would get the rest at the cheaper store Migliore.

This shop was like Doota, where you have an open space and several floors where people sell clothing in a flea-market like style. I think Migliore has better quality and fashion taste than Doota and the styles are more consistent. But you are still faced with the fact that each booth is run by a young woman or older ahjumma. And therefore if you ask how much you may not understand the response.

Generally speaking though I found out that if you pay by cash they give you about a 10% discount. The things I bought ranged from 25,000 Won to 40,000 Won.

Haggling is difficult if you don't know the language. I also managed to piss off one seller because I asked her how much many times and I think she got frustrated.

Anyways I saw a lot fall and winter fashions that I think I will go back and get. First I need to make sure my bank account stays pretty fat.

After my shopping adventure I was hungry and in search of food that a single gal could eat. I found a sandwhich shop and orderd a "club sandwhich".
By "club" they must of meant every thing a sandwhich could own, for example this sandwhich had jalapenos and peanut butter right on the same layer. And no I wasn't too fond of that combination.

After lunch I walked around the side streets and took a look at other shops. There was a cool shoe store and also a nice watch store.

Also I heard from the blog Annalog that a Forever 21 is coming to Seoul. Indeed it is and it hasn't opened yet. Hopefully soon!

So it was great to get what I need but in general I didn't feel like spending more money so I headed back home.

I would say that if you have saved up the cash and need to update your wardrobe definetly come out to Myeondong for shopping.

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  1. Thanx for the shopping trip pics, etc...
    That sandwich looks v. unappetizing to me.......what the heck was in it besides the pnutbutter & jalapenos?!
    That must be hard for get things you "want" or "like" to eat when you're out n about on your own there!
    I hope you're having a good wk!
    HUGS! M.


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