Sunday, September 21, 2008

Understanding of what is Happening

Well my throat is feeling somewhat better but still have that hazy headache thing. Ah well I took some pills I got from the last time I visited a Doc here when I felt this way.

So I decided to do a little checking of the facts on what and why I am in the predicament I am in. Also I realize that one of the next challenges is going to be my final paycheck and what is deducted. So I am going to have to bring up the financial side of things to my supervisor the next time we talk.

First I have figured out why they are giving me the boot. The complaints:

*This post has been edited so to insure I do not get in trouble with slandor.
Basically the policies are that if you get enough complaints they can recommend your dismissal.

Now, this does not come as surprise because I recall being told this in the second meeting we had last month. Which is that they told me if they were to speak to me again about complaints then they would have no choice but to consider my dismissal.

And when they told me this, I told them that I found it inevitable that I would end up with complaints, considering that it is dependent on the children and their parents, which I have no control over.

Well that's in the past now and here we are looking at dismissal.

Am I being fired or am I quitting?
This is an important consideration right now because it makes a difference in the financial part of my leave.
So it comes to that if I give a letter or resignation I believe I can be eligible to have what I owe them be prorated. If I am not allowed to resign it will then be that they are dismissing me and what I owe them will be up to them to agree upon an amount.

I hope that doesn't make your head spin. Unfortunately, what I feel is going to happen is I will be told that I am being dismissed and that I will be barred from resigning.

Also if were to work up through to the end of November that would make it to the 6 month mark.

Either way I know I am screwed and that my last paycheck will be chopped up to bits and the remains will be slim.

What to do:
My plan of action is to talk to them about this professionally. They requested that I think about this weekend and that we talk about it again next week, and sign an agreement. Now that I have done my thinking I know what priorities I want on that written agreement:
  • Guarantee of a Letter of Release
  • Allowed to work till the end of November (6 month mark)
  • The rate that will be taken from my final paycheck to cover reimbursement.
I think that does it.

Sigh... despite all the aspects of this occurrence dealing with the legal jargon and maintenance is the one that I find the most uncomfortable.

Either way I still have to go in tomorrow and work. Hmm, I actually though don't feel so stressed about being there and wondering if the kids are going to complain, now that I know it doesn't matter.

All right~ time to rest.


  1. Did you get this job through a recruiter? Did you tell them the situation. They should be helping, at least with mediating or negotiating for you.

  2. I did get it through the company's manager. I thought of contacting him but I worry my supervisor will get angry. I am going to wait till our second meeting and see if it is necessary.

    thanks for the tip~

  3. OK, Joy, with all due respect, quit sugar-coating Korea and apologizing.

    Korea is full of shitty hogwons and shitty hogwon bosses who are shitty to foreigners.

    If you don't want to say it, I will.

    You ARE allowed to be pissed. You ARE allowed to be disappointed. You ARE allowed to rant.

    That does not make you one of the evil ex-pats who can't see the forest for the trees. It makes you honest.

    OK, I'm projecting. I know. Maybe you really aren't angry at them now. But this is my story.

    I was fired from my first job under the guise of "parent complaints." What really happened? I didn't get along with my not-supposed-to-even-exist Korean co-teacher. I had the most education experience in the entire building (an M. Ed. and three years of teaching experience in a high-poverty rate school outside of Atlanta), AND I realized early on that our not-really-boss (she was our contract boss' eldest brother's wife...) was lying about having a degree in education. I found out that they lied about when the building was built. I asked for them to follow the hours of the contract. I didn't kiss their ass like the fresh-out-of-college-can't-get-a-job-back-home-terrified-of-living-with-mommy-again co-worker. I also didn't cower when they told me bullshit.

    In short, office politics.

    OK, now, the second job. The second job looked promising until I was royally screwed out of more than 2 million won AND EVICTED.

    Guess what? Korea REALLY SUCKED at that point.

    Insert long stories about labor board doing jack shit, in typical Korean fashion. (I told my story on one of the Seoul Podcasts that ZenKimchi and Jen do, so you can find the whole story on the podcast.)

    The ONLY thing that kept me going was my taekwondo studio. Had I not known NICE Koreans, I would've thought they were all evil. While expats can be poor ambassadors of their home countries, hogwon owners are very often TERRIBLE ambassadors of Korea. Do not forget that.

    I lived on my recruiters' couches for a month. My family came to visit. Finally, 10 months and two jobs after I'd arrived in Korea, I started working at a public school. I stayed there one year (finally! Finishing a contract), met Good Man, and well, I'd still be at that school if it weren't for Good Man.

    Which is my long-winded way of saying you CAN get angry in your blog and nobody will blame you, and stick with your boyfriend since he's not evil, and you can and will find a good job. Eventually.


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