Sunday, September 21, 2008

Now what?

Ah thought I send a little update your way.

Yesterday I had a good time with the KIAF. Today, however, I have woken up to a swollen throat. So now I am contemplating whether I will get better or if I should go to the emergency room. That is because the only open doctor office on a Sunday is at the emergency room. I looked at my throat and there aren't any white spots but it sure as hell feels like fire back there.

This doesn't make for a clear head to figure out what I am going to do now that I have the boot.

In addition BK's family is hesitant I stay at their home during my now I must find another way to live.

Anyone got a spare room?? I will pay ya a little sum!

So it is either find a realllly cheap place to live or just trek it back to America and come back in January when I have selected a GEPIK job.

If I can get a suitable job through EPIK, SMOE...etc before I am booted than of course going back home won't be an option. But still need all my documents.

That is what is on my plate today. My company doesn't allow you to take your sick days unless you are dieing in a hospital somewhere, so I am going to lay low today and try to recover.

All right, thank you for everyone's support, and hope your lives are all ticking along smoothly.


  1. If you're still worrying about a place to stay you can probably hole up in a goshiwon for a while. It's not very much space though..

  2. OoooOOO sounds goood...we will see!!

  3. How does BK feel about his family not letting you stay there?


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