Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We Will See

The next time I will speak with my supervisors is this Friday. So now I am getting myself all mentally prepared to face what may come.

One thing is that I don't mind being fired off at the end of October. In my opinion the sooner the better because I am really starting to become bitter with my supervisors. Also I just want to be done with this and start the next process of finding new employment.

So far for whenever I am released I am starting to find sticking it out here in Seoul more of an option. For one I could use my American credit to take a trip to Japan for the tourist visa and also for other emergency needs, like housing.

But I really can't finalize any of my decisions until my bosses give me the official 30 days. I kind of worry that on Friday they will be vague about it. So I am going to really push for clarity. Also will need to make sure we all understand the financial part of my departing.

In the meantime I am searching for what kind of place to live in and formulizing a budget for my visa-run..etc. Also I have been in touch with recruiters and they are waiting to hear from me until I have an exact start date.

That's the news! haha

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  1. Hope you get your concrete notice Friday. It would def be good if you can start your next move and not deal with the BS. I'll be in Seoul on Sunday if you are free and want to meet up. My friends moved to Gangnam so now I am in Seoul about 3 times/week.


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