Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Have a Jolly Golly Christmas It's the ...

I'm currently on my Christmas vacation that will last till the New Year. To give the kids something special we (the English teachers) dressed up in a Santa outfit, played songs and handed out presents. The kids had a splendid time, except for a few that were displeased with their presents. Hey! It's not my fault kid! The presents were brought in by other students and randomly put into a bag.

To be honest, this year I'm not too much of a fan of this holiday. For one, I am reminded of my recent break up with Korean boyfriend #2 and the good times we had last year. You can see in these posts (here and here) that he visited me in San Francisco. As you can imagine, I am little beside myself this season just wondering why such a difference.

But life moves on and lesson plans need to get made, which is mostly what I am doing this Xmas vacation.

I think having this stable job and even just the promotion of going to 2nd grade and being a team leader, has me grounded. The work is keeping me busy and the good times had with the children are helping me feel the holiday spirit. But I'm hoping next year's holiday season will be a festive and warm one with someone to share it with.

Happy Holidays~


  1. new visitor on your blog. i've always wanted to teach English either in Korea or Japan, but never pushed through. i ended up in an office in DC instead.

    happy Christmas! i'd be interested to know how's Christmas celebrated there.

  2. Christmas for the most part, here, is celebrated by couples. It's a "love" holiday. Couples go to the mall and shop..or on some kind of special date. They get Christmas cakes too. Families are starting to enjoy it and travel. SOmetimes ppl get off from work, but rarely. A much more bigger thing in the West.


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