Saturday, December 10, 2011

Joy Jjiggae

As the weather turns to chilly and the first snow tries to fall, I can't help but want something boiling hot when I get home. That is why in the colder months of living in Korea I prefer to eat jjiggae or Korean fermented bean paste soup. They are easy to find at local restaurants and can be taken out at your usual kimbop place.

But making your own jjiggae means you have something fresh and made to your liking. Last week I made a jjiggae that turned out quite tasty. Usual recipes call for one to make a broth using seaweed squares and anchovies. As I don't like anchovies I decided to go with a different broth, a mushroom base I found at the store.

At the bottom you have the doenjang jjiggae paste in it's container and to the right it being mixed up in water. This is the soul of the soup, as it provides the unique flavor. Kind of like miso soup but a whole lot earthier and salty. Above this is gochujang, or red pepper paste. Cubed tofu next to that, along with chopped up veggies (potatoes, zucchinis and mushrooms). In the bowl at the top are chopped red and green chili pepper, which I learned to use sparingly.

This is the soup base powder I used, a mushroom flavor. I suppose I was going against the traditions of jjiggae making when using this, but it still came out quite good.

After the soup base is boiled up I added the doenjang and veggies...
Eventually, everything goes in the pot...including some garlic and gochugaru (or red pepper flakes). Let it boil for minutes more and you have your soup!

I accompanied my soup with a bowl of rice, candied yams and Chinese steam bums. I know not a whole Korean meal and the kimchi is missing. But I really don't care! Just want my soup and something with it! hhaha

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  1. Hot soup yeah!!!
    however, potatoes & tofu...bad food combining.
    White rice? you know better!
    You're turning into quite the cook!
    V. nicE!


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