Sunday, December 25, 2011

Current Show at Gallery Golmok

 "Welcome to Itaewon" But really I like to veer off the main road and go down the alleys. As you know Gallery Golmok has become a nice nook of a corner to go to in Itaewon. Recently they had an opening for the show, "Warmth."

There were featured an array of artists in several themes. But mostly what tied things together was the whimsical and cutesy-color palette.  I liked the following works because of the way they were framed. If you look closely the corners were sort of tied in there.

Cookies and hot tea were available, and while we were moving on to the other gallery space they were setting up chestnuts to be roasted.

Across from the main gallery is The Alley cafe, and if you go a little past this is attached Golmok's adjacent gallery.

Fun was had in the alley.
I enjoyed the glistening of Christmas balls hung up in the outdoor space.

Next time your in Itaewon why not stroll over to the gallery and cafe? Just veer down an alley near Suji's and you should find it.

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