Saturday, December 17, 2011

Memories of the Summer

Now as the temperature drops I am fondly looking back at the sweat filled humid days of summer. Sure people complain during that time of the heat and bugs. But what about now, with freezing noses and fingers?

Last summer I headed to a mountain near my home. I picked up some kimbop along the way and took to a trail I found on my phone map. I found myself the only one on the trail and quite liked this.

Look at all that greenery! ahaha But I did find a chair at some point oddly placed.
Things got steeper as I made my way up and there were a few trails to choose from. I tried taking the less strenuous ones. I also started to notice that mosquitoes were loving me. Other hikers were decked out in long pants and long sleeves. hmmm

The view was starting to pick up and also I liked the formation of trees at one point.

I got to a point with bare granite outcroppings, which were steep to climb. I sat down and refreshed myself with some water. Here I just sat and pondered summer and life. It was indeed helpful.

I'm thinking of returning to this trail when the snow piles up. Why I would want to tramp around in the snow in the cold, is beyond me. But I think the photo-contrast would be cool.

Summer ...come back here?

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