Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beating the Ondol Bill

Like most of my expat friends I like the ondol heating system in the winter. Who would protest to warm feet as you walk around your house in the freezing winter? But once you get that utility bill in the mail, you kind of wonder if there is a cheaper way.

I noticed when I moved into my current place that the previous month's bill was high. I assumed the previous tenant had the ondol on high a lot of the time.

I need to save money for my upcoming USA trip and so want to avoid huge bills this season. How am I going to do that and stay warm? My solution: Use an electric heater.

I found one on sale at my local Homeplus and ever since have had a nice cozy time in my house without once turning on the ondol. Even Tom seems to treat it like his new best friend.

He likes to curl up in front of it or stretch out and let all his parts warm up. I for one like that it is an instant way to warm up when I get home, and can direct it wherever need be.

To accompany this my bed has a heater blanket on the bottom layer, which also helps keep me warm and toasty.

Although I haven't gotten my first bill yet, since having this thing, I am hoping for the best!


  1. Your electric bill can also burn you if you are not careful as it increases quickly, and exponentially, here in South Korea. The back of your bill will have the breakdown per kilowatt hour used. By keeping a close eye on both your gas and electric meters you can try and gauge your heating usage and keep it within reason (I check on mine every couple of days). Finding your meters may be a bit of a challenge though; however, both of my gas meters where outside my front door and the electric ones in the 1st floor stairwell.

  2. Just please be careful w/Tom near the heater....either that he doesn't knock it over and/or get too close!
    Glad that you can be nice & cozy at home on cold winter days & nites!


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