Monday, December 5, 2011

Judy is a Punk!

The viral video, "Judy is a punk in kindergarten"...exemplifies how being a teacher here in Korea has changed. People have brought their talent to the schools here and are allowed to share it with students. The video is really great with little toothless wonders bopping up and down and singing.

But let me point out a few things that are unique to having a "punk rock" experience in a kindy, here in Korea.
  • You will notice the other teachers not dancing or moving to the song. This is because, if they did, the crowd would go more wild and out of control.
  • Some kids formed groups and jumped together, while others stood and just sang. I think this shows how there is still that deep "shyness" and "must conform" in the kids here. (Could be speculation.)
I have to say I think these kids had themselves a very unique experience in their young life and I hope it transcends and carries with them into Korean adulthood. See kids...letting loose can be fun!

*Originally discovered at Geek in Korea.

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