Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vatos Urban Tacos: Yum!

Spotted on my to Vatos Urban Tacos, in Itaewon, was this "Burger and Dog" place that promised comfort food. Well I will certainly have to come back and see if they make the cut.

Urban Dictionary tells me that the word "Vatos" is Mexican for "dude" or "homeboy." This sets you up for the kind of Mexican cuisine that is Vatos Urban Tacos. Already, gaining great hype for it's unique Korean-crossed-Mexican flavor, I knew I needed to give it a try.

I for one didn't spend much time around Korean-taco trucks back home, but did find myself in a fair share of as-close-as-you-can-get Mexican restaurants in the SF Bay Area. Also I have a friend back home who was married to a Mexican lad, who at that time made wonderful carne asada tacos.

So my palette for more "authentic" style Mexican food is well developed.
The space for Vatos is a remodeled Villa home, complete with the brownish brick exterior. 

Once entering we were seated on the upper level, which is semi-outdoor. A nice clear-vinyl cover keeps one warm. Of course, the large heaters were helpful as well. The seating was quite interesting as our table was pretty high and the chairs quite off the ground.

I imagine a sultry Summer evening will be enjoyable up here or even Spring afternoons. However, this winter evening was quite pleasant on their roof-top dining area. The menu is simple and easy to read, along with being well designed.

We ordered Carnitas Taquitos and chips and salsa for starters. The taquitos were unfortunately overcooked, but otherwise had a spicy meaty interior that was delicious. The chips came as a few large tortillas fried. So you end up breaking off pieces.
For our main meal we both ordered the Classic Carne Asada, which were very tasty. The meat was plump and scrumptious with a good grilled flavor. The red sauce was at first a bit to get use to, but I warmed up to it later.
Prices were reasonable and there are more items to explore on the menu. For more check out Seoul Eats' write up.

Located in the new trending Alley way, I have discussed before, you can get here by going down the road from the Wolfhound Pub.

I can't wait to get back and try something new, maybe I'll see you there!

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