Sunday, December 4, 2011

Artpoli Artist Meetup

It seems I keep on discovering parts of Seoul I hadn't seen before. For example, the cafe and restaurant area of Sangsu station. Although I suspect you can call this the extended Hongdae area. I headed to the Blind Spot Cafe yesterday to meet up with folks for an Artpoli artist meetup.

At the cafe was the show "Erotic Fantasies" which just recently opened. It was an interesting mix of sexually provocative artwork.

At our meeting we were mostly introduced to the concept of Artpoli and where it is going. But I think what was most special about this event was the gathering of artists. There were folks who have extensive experience in the Seoul art scene and those (like myself) who want to get their foot further in the door.

After our discussion and coffee we headed out for dinner heading towards Hongdae. We found a bulgolgi place and there enjoyed great conversations and laughs.

Usually life stops after dinner and people go their separate ways, but actually that is not so for life in Korea. And so the rest of our crowd headed to a cozy bar called "Motto" where it felt like you were inside someone's basement listening to old records. I don't have any pictures of this last part but I will tell you my non-alcoholic mojito tasted wonderful.

I have to say this was one of the best evenings I have had here in Seoul in a long time, and mostly because I met new folks and we shared the same Even though we mostly talked about music and life. I hope to have more gatherings like this and certainly now feel inspired to get out to more art events or classes.



  1. YAY! I could use a day like that SOON! V. happy that you EnJOYed it all.

  2. Very unique artwork, Food looks great :) Sounds like you enjoyed it.


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