Saturday, December 3, 2011

Sun Shines in on Tom

The sun has been hiding behind a haze of clouds these past few days and I believe it was starting to affect me. Perhaps even Tom was starting to get a little sad missing his friend Sunshine. But on this Saturday morning, as I was preparing to do some work at home, the sun rays came in.

Tom immediately planted himself in their direction and took to playing with a small piece of paper. Or rolling around and getting all his fury bits warmed up.

I'm not a fan of winter and seeing the trees turn bare and the temperature drop has made me blue lately. But the sun coming out today perked up my spirits. I hope I figure out some activities to make sure that I'm not cooped up in my house this whole winter. For now I'll enjoy seeing Tom a happy cat.

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  1. YAY Sunshine!
    Tom is one beautiful cat.So glad you have each other!


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