Monday, December 19, 2011

Keep it at 20C

A message came to our school that we have to keep our room heaters at 20C. If it is -3C outside then it isn't too warm in here.

This morning I saw the homeroom teachers blasting their rooms at 30C and so figured all is okay. But I don't really know. The official word is if you are caught twice doing it you will pay a huge ass fine. It is some kind of new mandate from the government. But really 20C...are you kidding me? Now I am going to think of buying a space heater for the room or somehow mask over the thermostat so it looks like I'm not using it.

I don't really plan on freezing this coming Winter camp, so you can suck an egg...government!

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  1. They're letting you turn on the heat and it's not January yet? In my hagwon, they didn't turn the heat on at all until January, so all through Oct., Nov. and Dec. we had no heat in our school rooms at all. The students were sitting in the classroom (and the lab room) wearing their coats and gloves the entire time.


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