Friday, December 23, 2011

Tom's Brother in for the Holidays

Tom's brother, Kaiju, is visiting for the holidays. His mommy is off on her own vacation. All is good, as Tom will need a place to stay come February when I go off on my adventure.

Kaiju is a well-behaved guest and certainly keeps Tom company.
Since I am spending more time at home these days, I get to see their patterns. For the most part they sleep during the day to occasionally get up to eat or play. They move to various spots, sometimes Tom taking the cat carrier and Kaiju the soft bowl.

When their not play-fighting they seem to share a sweet bond.
But I make sure they don't play too rough and it seems they are okay. I'm actually happy they play together, because it means less time Tom has to chew my legs.

Although they keep the end of my bed occupied at night, I did enjoy their wake up call this morning. Both sat on top of my chest and waited for needed petting. haha

:) Happy Meowolidays.

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