Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Falling into Fall

Summer seems to have left like an unwanted guest. Temperatures have dipped down into the 50's in the morning and the 60's during the day.

Today was the first day I put on jeans, which I really needed to do. I was being stubborn the past few days wearing long skirts but the chill was definitely felt. Sigh, time to take out the winter clothing. I really want to purchase new long sleeve shirts and a fall coat, but don't feel like it till I definitely know what my plans are for this winter.

It sure is getting close, people. Next week I will be told about my contract and whether or not they want to renew. I am in the camp of that they don't want to renew, based on a rumor I heard from the other foreign teacher. (They want to only keep one foreigner teacher) Also, I am leaning heavily to take a rest and find something new for next year, even if they want to keep me.

And whatta ya know? Tomorrow is my birthday. Wow a whole year went by and I am turning ... gasp... 29. (USA age) Although I enjoy getting older I am still astonished that my 20's are basically over. Looking back I spent 7 years of it in college, half a year of it terribly sick, and then the rest of it here in Korea. Certainly, all of which were meaningful to my life. What's next, right? I feel myself not too worried. Rather I feel really ambitious and full of ideas. I think I am starting to get over that 20-something anxiety about how to manage one's life.

My birthday is on a Thursday (again) and so the celebrations won't be too big. So far I hope to gather with some local pals for a pleasant night. I guess this would be my third birthday in Korea, and definitely it feels a lot better than the first one I spent at the hagwon.

This winter I hope to be more active and not let the cold-snowy weather get in my way. But, summer... I sure do miss you.


  1. Lol, I do not miss summer at all. I love Fall, even when it comes so briskly. I am dreading winter though. I hope you are having a great b-day!!!


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