Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Chuseok Getaway: Geoje Island Pt.1

Ah, Chuseok that time of year when Seoul empties out and becomes a semi-ghost land. For me I have this whole week off and so does my boyfriend. Many people I know have headed out to sunny beaches and new places. I would have gone to someplace far away; however, it was really hard to get tickets. Instead JH and I decided to go someplace new in Korea.
 We hit the road Saturday afternoon and drove through Korea going past Daejon and many provinces.  Along the way stopping at a rest area, which had a pretty view.
 Almost there! Our destination was Geoje Island, which is just one of many islands along the southern coast of South Korea.
The enormous mountain ranges that once formed the Korean peninsula sank to the bottom of the ocean forming the many complex gulfs and peninsulas of the southern sea, not to mention hundreds of beautiful islands. Namhae, Geojedo Island, Oedo Island, and Somaemuldo Island are a few of those islands. These islands have become the film locations for many Korean dramas and commercials, due to its untainted, natural beauty.
Driving into Geoje was fun as you pass by the coast and could see the shipyards. 
Crossing the bridge going to the island.~
 It was warm and sunny down in this part of Korea.
After driving through the center of the island and then through winding roads, that at one point went around a lake, we finally came to the part of the island where our pension was.

The view from our porch was breathtaking and definitely a sight for sore-city eyes.

We didn't rest too long and after just having a quick peaceful moment inside the pension we were up again to take in one of the island's many attractions.

Windy Hill:
On a sea cliff near a little fishing community sits a windmill. They have called this place "Windy hill", because I suspect the wind blows through hear. However, on our visit the air was calm and pleasant.
Boats at the dock.
As we approached the stairs to head up towards the windmill, we came across this funky looking building. At the edge of it were some grandma's selling sea creatures and steamed corn.
The way up to the windmill was by climbing a staircase.
As you go up you start to take in the breathtaking beauty of the island and the sea.

Once up on the hill we admired the windmill, as it's panels moved around.

 (tired from the drive)...
As we got away from the windmill we made our way to the bottom part of the cliff where you could find other things and more views.

Unfortunately, I just realized that I didn't get any pictures of the goats. But there were many black goats on this hill witch made it very fun.
Windy Hill was enjoyable to visit and was a great way for one to stretch their legs after the drive down to the island. We went back to the pension and had a small meal then hit the hay. In the next part of this series I will take you through the other places we went to on the island and the good times that we had.

Stay tuned...

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  1. can i ask you something. can i go here from busan by bus? or i should take ferry to go to windy hill?


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