Sunday, September 5, 2010

Ordered Donkatsu

During summer camp at school there was no lunch provided to us like there is during the regular sessions. We were left to order food or go out and find it.

Usually we ordered Korean food like bulgolgi or chicken fried rice. One time we ordered donkatsu (Japanese style fried pork).

Our food came in some nice plastic trays and I thought it was rather interesting so I took some photos.
Above you will see on the bottom left the fried pork cutlets, with pickled radishes next to that, then a heap of rice, coleslaw salad with a generous serving of mayonnaise dressing, and then some drinkable yogurt there in the small bottle on the upper left.

Compared to other delivery donkatsu's I have had in the past this one was pretty good. Certainly helped change the pace of our camp lunches and was filling.


  1. That kind of box is called a bento 弁当, I believe.

  2. Bottom RIGHT in the foto has rice!


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