Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Seoul Design Fair 2010

On a lovely Saturday afternoon I headed to Jamsil, Seoul for the Seoul Design Fair 2010. Located in the Jamsil Sports Complex park near line number 2, as you can see on this map.
The fair takes place inside the Olympic Stadium where there are exhibits throughout the hallways and on the field.

 There was a lot to see at the fair, which showcased both national and international works. I didn't see everything but felt I saw enough to be convinced that the design industry is very extensive.

 When entering from this main entrance I was a little confused as to the path I should follow. To my left and right were exhibits but they had dead ends. When entering the field area there were some whimsical designs there to see.

I believe this section, that used the stadium seats, was called the "Green Garden Panorama". It was fun to see how different designers took on this challenge.

 I went down the steps towards the field and then into the corridor area to check out the designs from different universities.

If you have ever had a moment where you thought, "Koreans aren't creative" then you should just throw that away. Because the works on display at this show definitely proved that Korean people can think and work creatively.

The place was set up with a section for each school. Some school's had a deliberate focus while others were a bit scattered.

The Sangmyung University exhibit showcased their student work, which all had a utilitarian design. 

Most objects were meant to make your life either more pleasant or easy. There was a lot of innovation showcased here, which was almost like looking at an invention contest.

The following design, I take it, is to help women who wear heels to ride bikes a lot easier.

As I continued on I found a couple wearing matching shoes.
The rest of the exhibits were theme based.

After looking over these exhibits that showcased products with a certain artistic theme I couldn't help but see how diverse product design can be. It seems they have to design not just a poster, but the packaging and other items.

Although I didn't continue much into the depth of the show I would suggest others checking out the whole thing. It is on till October 7th, so there is still time.

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