Friday, September 10, 2010

Best Art Supply Store: HOMI (호미화방)

There is the expression, "Like a kid in a candy store." This is meant to describe the feeling one can have when they go shopping and find themselves in a store full of items that they especially love. For some it might be shopping at a Louis Vutton store, for others it could be just that...a candy store.

My favorite place to shop are art stores, because you feel like you are on a hunt for new and exciting materials. Back in San Francisco it was a delight to be inside an art store. The clerks usually know more than you about the materials and you can find just about anything. When I came to Korea I knew I wanted to find great art stores here. At first I didn't know where to go thinking that the local stationary stores, such as Morning Glory, were it. You can find certain supplies there but they mostly lean towards the crafty end of things. It's been two years and by now I have managed to find my way to the more well stocked art stores.

For a while the place of choice was always the store tucked in at the Hongik University. It certainly was a refreshing site to see. This place has been good to pick up brushes and paint, but so far as getting the technical supplies it felt like things were falling short.

Using the "Art 'n' about" blog I heard about HOMI Art supply, which is in the same area of Hongdae.

This place is definitely tricky to get to, but can be accomplished. Unfortunately I got there by car so can't really tell you how to do it by subway. Well of course you get off at Hongik station using line number 2 and take exit 5 but from there I don't have any pictures. 

Our way was, by looking at the map, coming from the "Myth Hong" area...kind of in the middle-right of the map. 

Anyways, you make your way into an alley and keep your eye out for the hangul sign: 호미화방.

Although I didn't take pictures inside, too excited, the place was kick'n with customers and full of great art stuff.

I could see they had varieties of watercolor paper available along with boards to mount them onto and the proper tape to use. But I don't want to get too technical here, I'll just say that I was very satisfied with this store. The prices seemed about right and up to par with the Hongik art store.

For those who can't get all the way out there or probably know that what they want to buy will be a hassle to carry home, well you are in luck! Because they have a great shopping website.

I told JH while we were there that I felt like a "kid in a candy store," and he didn't quite get it. I explained it to him and you could see the light bulb above his head.


While we were in the area I spotted a new frozen yogurt store. This is one of those places where you make it yourself and pay by the weight.
Although we didn't try it I look forward to next time. :P


  1. mmmm... frozen yogurt... I haven't had that in too long...

  2. Its right around the corner from Orctown ( Though i'm looking for an art/craft store closer to Osan AB. Know of any?

  3. Matthew - I don't know of your location ... I know of Osan...but was is "Osan AB"?

  4. @ Joy:

    Osan AB means the U.S Military base located near Songtan, South Korea.

    The "AB" means Air Base which is located in the town of Osan.

    As for Matt, I live in Songtan atm and the closest place I found was a stationary/manga shop near the LIFE apartments ( in around Pizza Club).


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