Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fall Semester Start Wrap Up

The engines of teaching are in full swing as it has been two weeks now of the fall semester. Already teaching with Mr. J feels like such a relief. He studied in America for a month and so has that worldly perspective.

I have been doing pretty well with not thinking or worrying about my contract deadline till this week. Suddenly I felt the urge to ask about it. I sent the Princess a text message (through the computer) inquiring when they would tell me about my contract. She said not till October 5th, which coincides with the other foreign teacher leaving and being replaced. I am worried that the Princess thinks the leaving foreign teacher might be too sensitive to what will happen to me. Sounds strange, I know but she has been cautious about the whole with the other foreign teacher. That message exchange was yesterday.

On my way to work this morning I had what felt like was a anxiety attack thinking about the contract. It's not that I care deeply whether they want to keep me its that I feel like they already have the answer but aren't telling me.

I eventually sat down with the Princess today but it was kind of casual. The other foreign teacher was there and I just asked the Princess, "Do you know if the Principal has made his decision?" The other foreign teacher asked if it was okay to sit there and I said, "yes." We were all in a good mood. The Princess after a few facial expressions said, "I can't tell now. After we get the new foreign teacher I can tell you... The Principal still not decided." Then I expressed to her how I have started to stress out about this. In an attempt to give her hints towards my future planning I told her that my boyfriend would like to live together and that we wouldn't know if staying at the school would make that work. I don't think she connected the dots. Oh well

I did feel relieved to hear that since it sounds like they are still working it out with the Principal. Then on the way home things got reversed. I was talking to the other foreign coteacher and she managed to get an answer from the other Korean coteacher. She told her that the Principal is planning on having just one foreign teacher. Hmmm!

So they are going to downsize. Again I am fine with moving on I just would like to know now so that I can get on with it.


I want to wait till Oct. 5 to get the final answer, but my mind keeps on nagging me to get it now. Agh

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