Thursday, September 9, 2010


I do apologize for my anxiety writing yesterday. After I wrote that JH came over for dinner and we discussed it all. We made the affirmation to keep our plan of not staying at this school, having a winter break and coming back to look for a new job at the end of January. Along with looking for a place to live together. To me that sounds more exciting and enriching than sticking it out at this job. From the sound of it looks like they are going to move on too.

As for putting the pressure on and getting an answer from them now I have cooled down. Might as well play their game since I have my own set of cards to deal. Plus I know they are busy with squaring the old and new teacher. Finally, I want to secure a good recommendation from this school which I have been working hard on creating.

A little birdie told me that it is dangerous to bring up the topic of "living together with your boyfriend" when negotiating a contract. Since the Principal could be conservative and think that living together before marriage is a sin and therefore see you as a bad seed. Certainly I felt some of this at my previous public school from the Principal, but just for dating a Korean man.

It reminded me that for my next job hunt I should be more sensitive with this issue if it comes up.

Anyways I feel more on my path this morning than I did yesterday. :)


  1. No need to apologize. Your blog is about and for your thoughts, and anxieties. Saying that, I'm glad you've cooled down:). I would also so be cautious about laying out your cards and telling them you want to live with your bf. Win them over first, whether this place or a new school, and then drop the "bomb" or maybe they don't need to know that at all.

    My question is though is whether your school would even help you find a place for your bf and you. I mean, to them since you aren't married they have no obligation to get you a bigger place, but I guess if you ge the allowance then you can do whatever you want.

    Hopefully it all works out, and yay for you and JH:)!!!

  2. Yea ... the cards i have to play are just that I am not going to stay at the school and take a break from Korea. Then comes the rest they don't need to know about.

    As for house hunting I think JH and I will be taking care of that.

    :) Thanks!!

  3. House hunting together! So exciting. I'd definitely say that is a new more exciting chapter opening in your life. I'd keep it a bit under wraps as well just in case your current or future principal is a bit conservative about these things.

    G'Luck *^^*


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