Saturday, September 25, 2010

Chuseok Getaway: Geoje Island Pt.3

Chuseok vacation is practically over folks. I believe most people have returned from their family gatherings and sunny-beach vacations to their lives at home. Speaking of sunny beaches, that is exactly where JH and I ended up the afternoon after our visit to Oedo island.

Gujora Beach
I kept on asking JH whether or not I should change into my swimsuit, but he kept on telling me nobody swims this time of year. I asked him, "Who is going to stop me?" and he said maybe there will be some person who will do that. We even asked the pension owner who told us the same thing. So we headed to the beach without our swimsuits.

The next thing I know I saw people swimming in the water and having a good time. We decided to go back to the pension and change. Luckily we had enough time to enjoy a nice swim.

Gujora beach is known for it's sandy beaches and warm waters, but I think there is something else that has made it famous. This would be that foreigners frequent this beach. Indeed, while we were there it seemed the cluster of foreigners outnumbered Koreans. Even JH remarked on this saying how when he was there four years ago, with his buddies, he saw foreigners at this beach. When two bikini clad foreigners walked past us he seemed to think they were the same ladies he saw last time. haha

I don't know exactly whether the foreigners at the beach were local folks or people from further out areas. After doing a google search I can see a few have blogged about it. This beach is even listed as a best place to live by Dave's ESL cafe standards.

Anyways, I couldn't help but feel envious towards those living near a beach as glorious as this. JH had a good time and seemed to unwind from his life of daily work stress. At one point I was resting on the shore making a drawing and I looked up to see him jumping over the tidal waves.

All I have to say is that this place created a lot of great special memories for us. After our fun in the sun and surf we headed back to the pension for rest and dinner. We made galbi that night with some simple side dishes to go with it.

Pension living is great as you can cook a small meal on a porch and look out as the sun sets.
As with everything in life things have to come to an end. The next morning we were back in the car heading towards Seoul.
I hope to see Geoje island again sometime and explore the many other historical and fun places that it has to offer. Till then I hope your Chuseok was relaxing and memorable.


  1. Was the water warm?
    Any sea creatures swimming near you?!!
    Glad you guys had so much fun!

  2. It was warm... a bit cool as you swam out. There were tiny shrimps and I think sand fleas. My skin itched a lot and other people were scratching. But harmless.

  3. Itchy from the sand or the water?
    Jelly fish larvae (sea lice) in the water?
    All the itches gone now?
    OH Yeah..... HAPPY B.DAY!!!
    xxxx oooo

  4. It's gone...but don't really know what caused.

  5. Did other people, or even JH, ever comment that you seemed to drive more than other women in Korean couples?.

    I don't think it's weird at alll, because all things in the relationship need to be a partnership, but I was just wondering if you got any.

  6. When I dated JH I don't know if people commented on my role in these things. Mostly because he didn't communicate well. But it is well known in Korea that women around my age do drive, but that haven't been driving as long as me.

  7. Hi! We're heading to Gujora for Buddha's bday and everywhere pensions are mentioned, but I'm having a hard time finding a name of a nice one. We're going as a group on a busy(?) weekend, so we'd like to book in advance if possible. The one you stayed at looks awesome, especially with the terrace and bbq area. Could you maybe give me the name or contact details? Thanks!!!!


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