Friday, September 3, 2010

My Little Hideaway

Above is a summery image of the river that I cross (or walk by) on my way to work. Actually, after I took this picture this morning I realized I had forgot my bagged lunch and had to go back for it. I have been taking extra food to work so that I don't end up starving by dinner time. It is working out wonderfully. 

As you can see the typhoon didn't do much damage and things seem to balanced themselves out over here.

Some might really despise the summer weather, what with it being muggy and all, but I found that I need to just get out of the office even if it is hot outside. During camp I started to take my magazine outside to read. First I started on the bleachers near the playground then recently I went around the corner of the school and found a nice wooden pavilion. 
Tucked in next to a hillside with trees and shrubbery it made for a great relaxing corner. I have now taken to it fondly and can't wait till 2:30 rolls around when I can stroll on out of the office. My coteachers seem all right with this and don't really give up a fight. I tell them that the office is too small and I need to get some fresh air. Truthfully I have been just popping out of the office and returning an hour later and then giving my explanation. I think they get it now.

From my hideaway I get to hear the rustling of the leaves in the wind, birds chirping and children playing on the playground.

Our school recently built a special room for afterschool children who don't have anywhere to go when school finishes. I am guessing these are the kids whose parents can't afford to send them to pricey hagwons everyday or are too busy working that the kids can't be at home alone. I noticed that they are let out at the same time I come out to enjoy myself. Despite my pavilion looking as a quiet place to getaway I don't mind sharing the space with these kids.

I like watching them play and run around. You would be amazed, but there is essentially no other adult out there but myself. Yep, no one is supervising these kids as they play. I watch as little disputes get worked out by the older kids of the bunch. 

But what I enjoy most is watching as they let reality slip away and start playing games purely out of imagination. The other day they were in the tree lined path behind the pavilion collecting native herbs and greens, while running and screaming at the site of spiders and other such bugs.

After a few days of realizing what great potential this spot had for bringing my sketchbook I finally took it with me today.
The above one there was meant to capture this sweet moment when I saw two 6th graders having a good time. Something about the way they played and then sat atop of the slides made me recall my own pre-teen times. I recollected those sensations of feeling a dread for the future. Recognizing all that has transpired in just the last 10 years of my young life. 

They both sat up there saying something to each other and I romanticized that it had something to do with it being the beginning of the semester and the start towards the end of their elementary school career. They both slid down at the same time.

I'm grateful for my small corner here at the school, and will miss it when the cold snap of the winter sets in.

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