Friday, September 24, 2010

Scrabble Time

Since coming back from Geoje Island I have been enjoying my free time. The best part so far seems to be that my mind has completely forgotten about all the little dramas it attaches itself to from work. Actually, today I kind of woke up to my mind thinking about work. But maybe that is natural to feel at the end of one's vacation.

Anyways, I enjoy playing scrabble and so recently made a little group on facebook to get people together in my area to play.

Yesterday we met at the Jukjeon cafe street area and played over lunch.
I like the boot of maple syrup my friend got that came with her pancakes. I had the house sandwich, which consisted of bread, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, a fried egg and bacon.
We had good times and I met a new person who was enthusiastic to play. Actually, it is my little hope that I can turn our game time into a podcast. Just an idea for now which I pitched around the table. 

Don't worry I haven't forgotten about posting the last bit of my trip to Geoje island. ;)


  1. What's gra_p?
    How can ya podcast scrabble?

  2. The idea is to announce the word we put down while playing and you know capture those moments of, "My letters suck!" "Yes! 60 double word score!" haha..

    hopefully this idea will come to fruition.



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