Sunday, September 26, 2010

Out With the Old and In With the Semi-New

For a really long time now I have been aching to get a new cell phone. It's not that I wanted the new fancy-shmancy Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone. I just wanted an upgrade, because I was getting tired having to squint to read a text message outside or to press the tiny keys when writing one.

Finally the stars must have aligned because yesterday I was in the right place at the right time. I was near JH's friends phone shop. He took me there and his friend helped me get an upgrade. It was one of those neighborhood shops so the selection was pretty minimal.

I picked out the recent Lollipop 2 phone. Below you will see a picture with my old phone (one on the left) next to my new one (on the right).
The Lollipop phone is a lot of fun because it has many flashy gimmicks, both inside and out.

Sure, it's not a touch screen phone and you still have to manually flip it open but I find it to be a great upgrade. I like that it is colorful and flashy on top. Goodbye old phone!
Here's a video of someone messing around with theirs.


  1. Haven't ever seen this phone here!
    Unless only teeny poppers have it?!!
    Isn't it annoying using it for texts?
    Why don't you want a BlackBerry or something like it?

  2. Something more new would require higher phone bills. JH is really the only one who calls me. If my social life exceeds this phone... I'll upgrade. ;)


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