Monday, April 20, 2009

What Happens When?

What happens when you can't sleep?

When the thought of all the recent crap in your life keeps you up?

Typically the beds you are given here in Korea are flat, stiff and unforgiving. So I got up and took out my winter blanket and smacked it on my bed to make for a more comfortable insomnia induced sleep....which is hopefully to come.

It's hard for me to go to bed like I usually did considering my early bed-time habit was one of the struggles in our relationship.

Well I am really trying hard to think of something else to write about besides this stuff.

Thanks everyone for your kind words. I am actually so amazed at the amount of warmth I am receiving.

It is like one big cyber hug~~!!


  1. I really do feel for you. In the blackness that now surrounds you, there will be a sunrise. Nothing anyone can say now will make the pain subsie, but it will go away in time.

    Stay strong!

    This too shall pass.

  2. Hi,

    I found reading "Relationship Rescue" by Dr Phil (yes, I can just imagine all the snickering going on right now) helped me get some perspective on what I was responsible for, and what my ex was responsible for, and to get some ideas of how to do things differently in the future--I highly recommend this book for single people and people who are in good OR bad relationships.

    If you really want to read some literature about breaking up read Oscar Wilde's "De Profundis"-- a 120 page letter to Bosie after that relationship ended by Oscar being betrayed, jailed, going bankrupt, losing his wife and children (temporarily), and his entire reality falling a part . . . there are some truths in this beautifully written book that I think you'd also appreciate too.

    Speaking of writing letters, have you written one to get your thoughts and feelings about everything out of your head and onto the page, or some poetry?

    Take care,


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