Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sparkle Time

Last Saturday I went out into Seoul to meet with other bloggers and expats for what is called a "Sparkle Down". That is when Roboseyo gathers people from the Hub of Sparkle website for a get together. It was a great time and a good way to calm down those heartbreak blues.

The day was overcast and rainy, so not that perfect for sightseeing but definitely the best day to sit and chill inside a tea shop. Around Anguk station was a lovely tea shop, which Rob describes the location for you.

Instead of blaring pop music overhead we were treated to classical and Korean folk music, so the atmosphere was pleasant. Conversation grew with the size of our crowd and things were off to a jolly start.

Yuzu tea (Lemon like)

After tea we were feeling a bit famished and so strolled over to Samcheongdong where Rob knew of a great bakery / bread shop and a nice Pannini lunch place. The bakery / bread shop was exquisite with gourmet breads and cheeses, I wish I was a step away from this place everyday.

For lunch we sat at the far corner inside the Pannini place and enjoyed more great conversation with tasty food. Here you see a bread soup and the sandwiches we ordered.

The best sandwich I have had thus far!
Insadong and the Lotus Lantern Festival:
After lunch we strolled out of Samcheongdong and into Insadong, the sun was going down. Air was a bit chilly and moist but we trudged on. Celebrations for Buddha's birthday were underway, but were not as dense due to weather. Walking around Rob led us to Jogye Temple where there was on display lanterns. All the lanterns are adorned with a wish. The colorful lanterns are for the living while the white lanterns are for the deceased.

The mood was definitely spiritual and ambient. I enjoyed walking through and seeing the reflections in the puddles. Still it brought about contemplative feelings inside me due to recent events.

After the temple we meandered around a bit and then met up with some more people. On the way we saw parts of the parade. We ended up at a fancy bar where you sit on a large cushion. Wine was ordered and the merriment got underway.

But I was feeling really insecure that night, because being in Seoul made me wonder where BK was and who he was with so I left early for home. It made me come to terms that I have to accept the choices he made and should find my own path in exploring this country.


  1. Some really nice photos there! My fav is the temple columns with the blurry woman-umbrella.

  2. Thanx for such a great post Joy....
    my fav foto is the glistening street reflecting all the lites & beautiful colors!
    These are some of your best shots yet.

  3. It was nice to have you out, Joy. thanks for coming, eh?

  4. It was nice to hang with you Rob.

    Those are my favorite shots too... kind of captured the mood and also atmosphere. Still got those Photography skills I picked up in highschool ..hehe


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