Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Trying my hardest to not let the depression, loneliness and anger side of this event to get the best of me. But it's hard of course. Also trying real hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel and believe my life in Korea has been more than just being with BK.

So I recalled I took several pictures of the scenery outside my school window. As you will see it is great to know we are out of the winter blues here in Korea.

When my thoughts get swirling in so many directions I have been liking lately to distract myself. So far I have been doing this by watching the show United States of Tara.
It's a show about this housewife who goes through Multiple personalities and how her family deals with it. I like it because it makes me feel less crazy. Also I really like the lead actress. So a good show to pass the time with, which I seem to desire a lot lately. ~


  1. Your life in Korea been much more than just BK. You've visited museums, seen the seasons change, took a trip to Japan, met new friends, survived the crash of the won, and had loads of fun doing all of it. The light at the end of the tunnel will show through. {{{{big hugs}}}}}

  2. "my life in Korea has been more than just being with BK."
    YES! It really is, and will continue to be. Just take it day by day for now. It'll be fun again.

  3. That is a good show isn't it? Keep your chin up :) think of all the yummy things you can cook for yourself with the toaster oven! ;)


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