Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goodbye April

I would like to say farewell to April 2009. You served up some great spring-ness with warmer air and greener scenery. But you also made a change in my life which hasn't been fun.

So long April, hello May I wonder what will happen. Before this month ends it seems others are in the contemplative mood. Over at Scribblings of the Metropolitician there was a post about what it is like to date Korean woman. I guess he had a lot to say because it was fairly detailed. As I was reading I couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if I wrote up something similar to have dated a Korean man.

But then I realized it would end up being too revealing and personal. Besides I didn't really jump into the dating market here and meet several Korean men to have a good sample to talk about.

All I have to say is that yes, you will encounter cultural differences. As a fairly liberal and open minded person myself I was able to go outside my box and accept the cultural differences. But as we all know my Korean boyfriend wasn't able to do that. Really what I am saying here folks is that the cultural differences will come with the relationship like a string to a kite. It's part of the package.

But knowing that challenge I haven't given up on finding love with another Korean. Just now I have more understanding and foresight.

Anyways...goodbye April 2009....goodbye.


  1. I enjoyed the Scribblings of the Metropolitician's recent post about Korean women, and would really like to see such a detailed post from the opposite perspective.

  2. I would love to provide the insight...but at this time now I think it would still be too close to the freshness of what happened. But if you have any questions feel free to ask.

  3. yeah, I'd suggest leaving this topic for about eight months (or more) until you can add some perspective...maybe even collaborate with some other people who have dated Korean men successfully and unsuccessfully...I'd DEFINITELY read that.

  4. about being receptive to meeting the "right" man for you whether Korean or not?!


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