Saturday, April 4, 2009

This and That

I managed to make it so that I can play a jazz station out of the Bay Area on my home stereo using some sort of bluetooth technology. So lately I have been enjoying my time listening to jazz. Of course I catch the shows that they are playing at like 3am over there.

It seems like when you live somewhere that has 4 seasons you desperately wait for the next one to come around. As for spring I have been wondering when it will be T-shirt weather and greenness all around me.

On the way home I check the foliage for changes, but just yellow flowers these days.

Today I helped Lilly (Lunalil) pack for her move to America. I had a good time of course and we got lunch at a galbi place.
(No noodles Mom!) That purple stuff is rice...they put black rice in the mix.
As a treat for helping her with packing I got her Toaster Oven for free. I haven't set up yet so no picture, but it's not like you have never seen a toaster oven before?

Coming home the sun was shining through the window so I set up some of those crystals I got from last week. Ooooo sparkly!~

Jazz tunes are still jiving over here ... chilling this Saturday afternoon.


  1. YEAH ..... NO NOODLES!

    Yellow flowers look like maybe forsythia ??
    Blooms early spring in the US. Northeast.

    Jazz station, NPR from San Mateo? I really like it & still listen to it:
    Love the foto on their homepage w/Hayward in the foreground & the bridge over the Bay to San Mateo!!

  2. Yes Mom that is the station ;) good stuff


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