Monday, April 13, 2009

Arabian Lunch and Hannam Supermarket

Saturday I worked on my TESOL and then went off with Kristen for lunch. We headed towards Seoul and crossed ideas of where to go. Finally we decided upon Itaewon, since we were really hungry and it was the closest area we could think of.

In Itaewon we continued our search for food and came upon this Arabian Restaurant tucked in a corner.

The food and ambiance was pleasant in this place. We both ordered biryani rice dishes, hers a lamb and mine a chicken. The taste was fragrant and spicy.

Hookahs were an option, be we opted out.After lunch I told Kristen about a supermarket I heard of nearby that sells foreign goods. I tried to go during the winter but I gave up because it was too cold out. The place is called the Hannam Supermarket (which is sort of an black market here) and to get there you get off at Hangangjin station and take exit 2. Cross a ped-ex bridge and head up the road towards the Volvo building. It is tucked in underneath that area.

Inside you see in front of you a typical supermarket. But the goods are a treat to see. Everything from deli meats and cheeses to corn bread mix and American toothpaste. However, I had the feeling most stuff was bought at a Costco and then marked up for retail. So my shopping basket was lite.

Some good finds were limes, tortillas and a stock of cheese.

If I lived close to this place I bet I would shop often. Well Kristen and I were both really tired this day so we went to my home, baked some biscuits in my toaster oven and then watched a movie. It was a jolly day and fun too.

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  1. Hey sounds like a nice day!
    What movie did u watch?

    Thanx for the fotos
    The scenery reminds me of CA, w/the freeway & hills in the near our old stomping grounds in the East Bay.
    How bout another foto of that new hairdo?


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