Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I have a feeling this Swine Flu pandemic thing is going to become another craze here in Korea. If my predictions are correct within the next few weeks my students are going to start spouting in broken English...."Teacher...teacher ... he has Swa-wa-i-na-few-ruuu." In response to the coughing kid next to him.

But I know this is serious and I hope it doesn't end up as a global panic.

**UPDATE** Just this afternoon one of my advanced class students came to me and said "Oh Teacher she has the Pig flu..pig flu!!" And of course the student he was pointing to was fine.


  1. I'm thinking the same thing. Hopefully this will go the way of avian bird flu, but I've got a sinking feeling.

  2. I'm hoping this is much ado about nothing and the flu and it's surrounding "hype" will peter out


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