Thursday, April 23, 2009

Some Realization

Today I was sitting in Baskin Robbins with a friend eating ice-cream (of course). It was around the time people were getting off of work from their business jobs.

So in came a troupe of business men and women stopping to get some ice-cream. Dressed in suits and gelled up hair the image reminded me of BK. He is a businessman. As I watched them eat and sit there not really paying attention to one another, I realized this kind of scene was part of the cause of our breakup. I wasn't fitting into his new lifestyle, nor was he fitting me into it. I didn't really feel regret when seeing and acknowledging this, but I just noticed how my life and world was outside theirs.

"No wonder" I thought to myself. However, deep inside I wish I did fit into his life somehow and that if he loved me enough he would have found the way.

Yet that kind of after-work-businessman-stuff wouldn't really appeal to me even if I lived in Seoul and could join BK.

Hmmm even though I didn't fit into his equation on life I still want to fit into some other Korean man's equation....hopefully.


  1. Clarification will continue to come as you move through the process. We all deserve someone who is going to make us a priority in their life, someone who is going to love us for who we are (even early go to bedders!)and someone who finds a secure place in their life for us that nothing can shake. You and BK had a relationship that has changed you forever and you are learning so much from this experience that I am sure you will meet someone who is perfect for you, I am sure of it! Take care!

  2. I had one of those realizations as well. Feel free to email me anytime you need. What was that ramen that you wanted again? I forgot the description. Wish you were here to enjoy this with me. I'll load pictures soon...


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