Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Mornings

I like Sunday mornings. I like mornings in general, actually. There are people who say " the end of the day...". But I am so not into that, for me it's all about waking up and knowing that whatever you went through the night before is gone. (In this case feeling lonely and angry) And so it makes it sweeter when that morning is on a Sunday.


I seem to feel that Sunday's are task time days. You know... gotta clean this ...wash that. Growing up I enjoyed waking up, eating breakfast and getting my chores done so that I can be free to go out and play. All the while my siblings stayed in bed till Mom came knocking down the door. I wasn't around for that, for I was out rollerblading around my neighborhood.

So it is the same all the way out here in South Korea. Today I feel task orientated. Already I have a load of laundry spinning, going to clean the bathroom and then work on my TESOL.

I guess the one side I don't like about Sundays is that because you are so task orientated you end up spending considerable time inside. So to counteract that I will try to get outside.

Yesterday I had a jolly time with the Hub of Sparkle people and more. I will post more on that later.. when it comes up on the list.

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