Friday, April 10, 2009

Rocket Day

In response to North Korea's recent attempt at launching a missile, my school retaliated with their own show of rocket launching.

Ok, ok yesterday's rocket launching had nothing to do with NK's missile mishap. But it sure was fun to think it did!

It was Science Thursday and the 6th grade class took to the play yard with their homemade bottle rockets.

After adding some water they took their rockets to be launched. I wasn't sure if it was some kind of contest, but after the rockets landed one of the students came out with a tape measure and checked the yardage.

Launch Pad Area

It was fun watching the rockets whiz off into the distance and make a crash landing. Even more fun hearing the kidlets go OOooooooOOoooo.

I came out because due to the Science activities classes were canceled. Gotta love extracurricular days.
Other classes watched from out their window.
It was fun to play with the kids in the waiting area. I tried to use some Korean on them, but then they started thinking I can speak Korean.


  1. so what did the U.N. have to say about your school's actions?

  2. Oh you know.. point them in the right direction blah blah blah


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