Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Season of Lost

I just got done catching myself up with the first few episodes of the new season of Lost. Warning: I may spoil it for you if you have not seen it yet.

I have to say they are doing a good job of finally answering all the unanswered questions from the past 4 years of this show. Especially by having the characters be caught in a time warp on the Island.

But just as they close some doors, more open. The premise now is that Jack and the other characters have to get back to the Island to save everyone. But it is of course a hard task. And then there are so many issues with the characters who are left on the island, struggling with time traveling.

One thing I really care about is whether Jin will come back either as alive, a ghost, or a presence from the past.

Sigh~ Watching American tv gets me in the homesick blues.

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