Monday, January 19, 2009

Packing for Japan


Ok well I have no clue if you readers are sick of hearing my preparations for Japan, but as you know I am leaving tomorrow morning.

I will bring my laptop with me in hopes to use it in the hotel.

Anyways here are some preparations I have been doing:
  • Familiarizing myself with Japan's rail system. How to get to my hotel..etc. Discount passes.
  • Figuring where to go and on what day. I know I said I would go there and find places to go on the whim, but I thought I have a few areas of interest in mind before I go.
  • Of course the Ghibli Museum
  • Edo-Tokyo Museum in Ryogoku This place is actually not far from my hotel, so I could stop by the museum and then take a train ride up to Asakusa to see a temple and pagoda.
  • Yoyogi park (near Harajuku) and then ride down to Shibuya for some shopping and sites.
  • Figuring out Japanese money the Yen. People say it is expensive there, which certain shops probably are. So I will try to find the cheap or mid-range food and goods.
The Japanese Yen Notes: (exchange rates found here)
1,000 ¥= $11.00 / ₩15,000 (aprox)

2,000¥ = $22.00 / ₩30,000 (aprox)

This one is my favorite because of the scene on the back which is from the Genji Monogatari.
5,ooo ¥= $55.25 / ₩75,000 (aprox)
10,000 ¥= $110.50 / ₩151,000 (aprox)
I think what will end up happening is that I will receive a lot of coins when I buy stuff. At least I hope this is what happens there!

Anyways, I am of course excited and wondering if I have prepared enough. But hey it is just time to go and see it all for myself. Getting lost is all part of taking on an adventure.

Okay...see you in Japan!


  1. Some inexpensive food options are beef bowls and ramen soup. In Japan handing money to the cashier is not usually done so in some restaurants there is a ticket machine. You put your money in and choose what you want which prints on a ticket. You then hand the ticket to the person at the counter who makes your food. If there is not ticket machine there will be a black tray to put your money on. Have a great time on your trip!

  2. Oh boy! I think I am going to do a little observation of places before I go ahead and try it myself..that way I don't mess up too much.

    (thanks)! :)

  3. So if 2000 Y is about $20, then 1Y is about 1 cent, right? That should simplify things a little.

    But my friend in Japan tells me to expect most everything to be more expensive. Even WAY more expensive.

    Still, it will be a good time. Bring back pictures!

  4. The money conversion as you explained it doesn't sound too difficult.
    Strange that there are those blank oval shapes in the middle of the bills....any idea about what that's all about.
    AND....the Japanese are probably v. familar w/Westerners messing up w/their public ways of doing things!
    Can't wait to hear all about your adventure....from the second you get off the plane it will be AMAZING!
    I'm so proud of you Joy!
    (sorry folks)Momz here........

    oh......please tell us about how Obama's inauguration tmw is broadcast there, etc...? Displayed on jumbo monitors? Ignored? etc...?? Public sentiment?


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