Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mini Vacation with BK

Just back from Sokcho which is in Gangwon-do a north-eastern part of South Korea. Where I had a lovely mini-vacation with BK. The place has a lot of history in relation to being so close to North Korea and the DMZ area.I am really tired from our travel and so do not have the strength to elaborate on all that we did. But I will say that it was great to see the East Asian Sea, spend time at a Water Park (Waterpia) and be with my sweetheart. Only bummer was the bus ride back was suppose to take 3 hrs but took 7 hrs instead, because everyone who went to the mountains for skiing decided to come home at the same time. (traffic jam)

Anyways the place was beautiful and one highlight I thought was seeing the mountains as we drove past them. Korea's geology is still so fascinating to me.Of course, though, visiting the East Sea (If you are Japanese you would say "Sea of Japan". ) (Rolls eyes) Was special to me because it means I can add on another body of water to places that I have visited. Plus I took home some shells.

Maybe before I leave for Japan on Tuesday I will have time to write and post more. For now it is sleep and then packing for Tokyo!

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