Monday, January 12, 2009


Having a vacation is wonderful. But staying inside all day during your vacation can lead one towards cabin fever.

So today I went out for a little walk and then stopped over at Emart for a few things. (Needed a winter blanket)

On my way home there was a flurry of snow coming down. It was rather light and not that heavy. But as I approached my building a shaft light was shining through and the snow flurry captured the light in a very enchanting way.
Today was spent by putting together a small desk I bought so to do my artwork on. As an artist you need motivation to get going on your work. So now I should not have the excuse "I don't want to set up and clean up.."

I will show pictures of my new set up later when I can take pictures with the daylight in the room.

Overseas planning:
Also I have been busy trying to book a package deal to Thailand for my vacation. The problem I am running into is that as a single person you have to pay extra and also some packages are only available to groups.

The travel sites are mostly in Korean and so BK has been helping me. In fact he helped me book a package last night, but it turned out they only accept groups of 8! Bah!

I think today he tried to spend time looking for something new, but of course he was at work so it was difficult.

In the meantime I did some digging around the Internet and found an English version travel website for foreigners in Korea. Looking around their site it appears packages to Thailand are booked but there was one for Bali.

I will end up spending a chunk of the money I have saved up so far, but I feel these are the times to spend it~!

Hopefully I will get something soon, for I want to go next week on the 20th.

If any of you know of more travel booking sites (in English) please share.


  1. Why do a package tour? Thailand is cheap is do without a package.

  2. True ... start looking into booking just flight and hotel.

    I did this with one site but the total was $1500 o.O


  3. ~Or maybe that price is just normal hehe~

    Looking into going to Japan and visit the Studio Ghibli Museum...

  4. actually I don't know at this point...haha


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