Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ready, Set, Go

Ah the wonders of packing. So I have been preparing for my trip to the Gunpo Winter Camp in Chungyang. Actually I don't really know where this place is, oh the excitement! (meaning I am unsure whether I really located it through Google.) haha

Packing is easy of course because I will only be gone 4 nights and 5 days.

But I need to get a few more things before I head off tomorrow.

So today I went to Emart and bought some snacks to take with me for the bus ride.

Silver thing in the back is a bag of cereal. In front and to the left are breadstick snacks, in the middle are grape fruit snacks, mandarins next to that and behind them are some Dr. You wheat choco-cakes. All of it yummy and diverse. ;)

After Emart I went home and counted the number of sweaters I had to see if they would last 5 days at camp. I don't really know what the weather will be like there. Also I had to take into consideration that they may make us do "sports"...which means being outdoors. So I need to bring with me my warmest sweaters. I have been slowly building up my sweater collection to survive the winter here. But I noticed I needed about 1 more warm sweater.

That is why I headed out to go to my favorite sweater shop here in town. But they only take cash so I went to the bank first:
The Best Sweater Shop in all of Korea!:

This tiny place packs one heck of a punch of finding real sweaters here in Korea. Sure you can find sweaters at other shops and department stores here, but usually they aren't very thick or they are very pricey. For a while there I lost hope that I would ever find a "normal"sweater. For example, you typically find sweaters here that have the arms cut off, or are too thin to provide actual warmth.

So one day I saw this store and said to myself "what the heck?!, Let's go in." And boy was I blown away! Sweaters that are thick and long at prices like 16,000 to 24,000 Won (about $18-$26 USD). Of course I wasn't buying brand name stuff here. They also have a lot of the teenage cute wear, for example hoodies with little bear ears on top.

These are the items I bought today, all under 40,000 Won!

I really like the long sweaters here, because they warm up my bum and gives a good look, I think.

This one I won't really count as a sweater because it is not woven. I will use it as an undershirt for one of my more thin sweaters.

Well everything is packed into 2 tiny suitcases and nearly ready to go. I am sure this camp thing will be fun and probably a refreshing change of pace. However I have to get on the bus tomorrow at 8:10 Am. Hmph to early starts! Luckily the meeting point is in my neighborhood. ;)

Ok well have a fun week everyone till I get back!


  1. good choice baby~
    name of the store is interesting.
    Don`t ask reason, the price of clothe is pure.. they say.. haha
    I'm so tired and angry..
    It`s sunday.. I didn`t do anything I want today and I sang a song two times and.. I watched boring woman`s valley ball for 2 hours..
    Why Koreans life is so horrible..

  2. Haha baby~

    Welcome to the working life. Hope you can survive.

    Miss ya~


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