Friday, January 23, 2009

Last Night in Tokyo

Today I was tired and so my trip was clouded by a lack of energy. I went to Shibuya, which is a huge shopping district. I found a manga store and another store. Then I tried to go to another shrine, but I was dead tired. So I looked a little around Harajuku and went home.

I am leaving with a little regret that I didn't spend most of my time inside museums. Well, I did see the Ghibli Museum and Edo-Tokyo museum so I guess it is even. Before I leave for the airport tomorrow I am going to put my suitcase in a locker at Tokyo station and check out that area.

Hopefully, I will get to see something.

Another strange thing is that I didn't spend all my money and I have about 25,000 ¥ left. I think I was too frugal in my spending and should of bought more. I just kept on thinking I would need it for later. I did buy a few memento type things. Tomorrow I will try to buy some stuff.

I will update everyone more with pictures about Day 3 and Day 4 (today) after I am back in Korea.

For now, I enjoyed my stay here. I think what was the most interesting was that it gave me a new perspective on Korea and Korean people. I definitely see the difference in the two countries, and also what they borrow from each other.


Time goes so fast.

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