Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tokyo (Where Should I Go?)

I will be running (more like walking) around Tokyo with no guide by my side. Plus I am going on this trip alone.

But that is fine with me, because I am generally the kind of person that doesn't like to be in groups. Due to my shy nature I don't generally speak up about where I want to go and so end up tagging along.

In short, going by myself will be a haven for this socially dysfunctional person!

But where the heck should I go?

We already know that I want to go to the Ghibli Museum ticket or no ticket. Yet I am sure there is so much more to see and do that I need to figure it out. I am not really going to give myself a set schedule instead give myself some goals and shoot for them. Here they are:
  • Visit a contemporary or modern Art museum. I have seen the historical stuff many times over in America.
  • See a Temple, Gate or Castle. This can be achieved by visiting one of Tokyo's parks that has these jam packed inside them.
  • Shop! It is time for me to buy souvenirs for my family and friends. Hopefully by the last day I will have enough to eat.
The places of interest I have found:
With use of my thick Japan tour book (a guidebook only for Tokyo was not on sale at the bookstore) and internet sites I have chosen a few areas of interest to fulfill my goals.

To get your bearings of my location here is a map of where my hotel is in comparison to where Central Tokyo is located. Central Tokyo is kind of like the starting point, due to that it is well the hub area.
My hotel is located on the map where you see that pinpoint indicator with an "A" inside it. It is in the upper-right-corner. The Central part of Tokyo is near that large green patch (which is a park). Use this as the base for the directional coordinates I give you.
  1. Central Tokyo / Park (I am more interested in the park because it has the imperial palace, some shrines and the National Museum of Modern Art
  2. Shibuya and Harajuku (Here there is a famous shrine to go and see, and of course a major shopping area.) West of Central Tokyo.
  3. Ueno Park (Another place with a museum, also has a pagoda...) North of Central Tokyo.
That is what I got so far and it looks like I am favoring the green spaces and museums.

There is probably a definitive guide to what one should do in Tokyo, where to eat and what to see before you leave. Honestly, I just want to see different sections and get a general taste of the place. I don't know what I am going to eat, but I don't think that will be a problem.

Ok..ok enough with this! It seems I am pre-blogging my adventure...haha.

If any of you know of must-see places to go in Tokyo than please share.

And I swear I still love Korea! haha~


  1. Akihabara (The electronics market) is worth a look, an absolutely crazy place:

    Check out a show at the Kabuki-za, as far as I know they have english translation/commentary available:

    If you fancy a day trip, head down to Kamakura to see the beautiful temples:,_Kanagawa

    Shibuya is worth a look, if only for the amazingly crowded pedestrian crossing:

    Hope you have a good time.

  2. Take a peek at

    Personal recommendations are Odaiba, Ebisu, Shin Okubo (on the Yamanote Line), Kichijoji (out of the city on the Inokashira Line from Shibuya.

    My best advice with Tokyo is to do exactly what you said - walk round a lot of places. It's the best way to get a feel for what's going on and to get a peek at local life.

    Hope this helps : )

  3. When I went, there were indie rock bands playing on the road alongside Yoyogi Park. I don't know if that happens all the time, but it was cool to walk down the street and listen to different bands along the way.

    Also, I love Tokyu Hands. It's a big store full of everything. Just TRY not to buy something.


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