Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Your Recommendations For TEFL Reading


I am calling on you, my readers, to recommend to me some TEFL books that I can start reading. My goal is to learn more skills and insights into the profession  before I start my next job. Sure it would be best to take a course somewhere, but I have neither the time or money for that. Therefore, I would like to do some self-study.

I have started a google search but would much rather get recommendations or reading lists. The book could be about teaching not just for EFL students, too.

All right I look forward to your picks.


  1. A good theoretical book on EFL teaching is a textbook by H. Douglas Brown called "Teaching by Principles: An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy". It's from Pearson Longman press and I used it in my TEFL course about 2 years ago. It has some good information on motivation, classroom management, communicative teaching lesson planning and whole chapters on the different aspects of teaching reading, writing, speaking and listening. I've found it quite useful in the two years I've been teaching in Korea. I would recommend it for a basic guideline to EFL teaching.

  2. Thank you ~ I found a MA TESOL course book list and plowed through it. I will check out your book recommendation.


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