Friday, November 19, 2010

Where I Will and Have Lived In South Korea

As I am going on my fourth job here in Korea I noticed that I have lived in several different areas. Because some of my readers don't live in South Korea (like my Mom) I can bet when I say, "Nowon" or "Gunpo" that you probably don't really know where that is.

Therefore, I took the time to create the following map to help you guys out.
As you can see I have moved around quite a bit and lived in several different parts. Also, keep in mind these pinpoints are probably not 100% accurate but give a general sense of location.  Here are more details...
  • Job A: This was the hagwon I worked for in Seoul. Located near the purple line.
  • Job B: This was my first public elementary school and was actually in the city of "Sanbon", but better known as the Gunpo area. Which was close to the light blue line. 
  • Job C: Is the one I am finishing now, down here in Suji, which is close to Bundang and on the Bundang line (yellow).
  • Job D: Is my future job (Starts in March) in Nowon or Junggye-dong. It is on Line 7 or the olive color line. This one is in Seoul. 
  • The star is of course where JH is you can see I will be closer to him. Certainly this aspect and being close to Seoul means he can't make anymore excuses for not being able to go into the city and do something with me! ha!
I know if you stay at the same school you get the benefit of not having to move and also it will show up as a shining star on your resume. But because of my three relocations, in the past, I have gotten to know different parts of Korea and meet all sorts of people in my area.  So far my favorite place has been my current one and I hope living in Nowon proves to be better!

All right, I hope this helps.


  1. Thanx Joy - Good job!
    A mileage key would be helpful to understand the distances between these locations also!

  2. mziriz, what's the metric version of the term, "mileage?" I still can't figure it out after four years.

    Over here, it seems that most people just use time references as driving there are very few streets that are flat (mountains, hills, and rivers everywhere) or straight. Plus, many use public transportation that is pretty accurately timed.

  3. Thanx John from Daejeon!
    No go on the metric conversions either!
    SO...maybe the approx. travel times, like you suggest!?? Just so I get more of a feel for the "lay of the land"!! It's nice that Joy's going to get to experience another part of town. I understand how "neighborhoods" in a big city can vary, as I grew up in NYC & have traveled & lived in other big cities too!


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