Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Back to Samcheondong

I recall several years ago when I first walked around the narrow streets of Samcheondong. It was cold outside and I took comfort in the little galleries that my friend took me into. Ever since, I have returned to this neighborhood in Seoul to fulfill my artsy side.

Last Saturday, I went there by myself for a few hours and took pictures along the way.
I approached Samcheondong area by going through Insadong street.

When I got off the bus I went through a back alley, which led me to the street that becomes the Insadong-touristy area. I was greeted with one of the street carts selling hodduk.
It seems the more I go the more little treat-carts pop up with cute young guys trying to sell traditional sweats.

I went to the Insa-Art Space and saw an exhibit where the artist painted gigantic imagery of a leaf.

I was good and didn't take any photos of the art inside, instead was intrigued by the staircases.
View from the staircase window:

When I left the gallery there were some orchids.

The rest of Insadong was a blur as I whizzed past it all to get to Samcheondong. Here I was at the usual street-entrance with the large trees and walled path.

Every time I go I spot some oddball thing on the side of a building or a cafe that has been eagerly decorated.
I did find a cat enjoying some free handout.
As I walked along I saw this alley-way with some great shadows on the wall.

While in the area I checked out the Arario gallery, which had an interesting exhibit. There was an installation by the duo group known as Thukral and Tagra. Titled "Middle Class Dreams", the show featured paintings and sculpture of houses set in a very idealistic cast amongst pastel hues. Although, I took no pictures of the show you can view some here.
 This was around the entrance area...

I think you should get out and see this exhibit because it focuses a lot on the developing world and what it is developing into. 

``The architectural values have changed,’’ Tagra said of the Western-style residences. ``The change is totally inspired by the outside world,’’ although often it is done ``without really knowing.’’ 

The Arario gallery is sectioned off into two parts. There is the bottom floor with a large gallery space and then you have to walk out and go up a staircase to get to the rest of the show. While up there I again admired a staircase.

I meandered around the area some more before settling in on my favorite restaurant in the area. Unfortunately, I don't remember the name of the place. But note that it is at the end of the street, and is a tiny place that sells Chinese food like noodles and steamed buns.

After lunch I headed to Anguk station to take the train and meet up with my boyfriend. To get to this area, I would say get out of Anguk station by taking exit 1. Head up the street past the Twosome cafe. When you see the corner, go right and keep going. You will know you are on the right path if you see what I saw when I was heading into that area.

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