Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pepero and Lightning

Today is Pepero day! My third to be exact and I think I got more today than ever, and mostly from students. Pepero is a chocolate candy here that is basically a cookie stick that has been dipped in chocolate.

To be honest I like Japan's version (Pocky) a lot better.
(Korean) source
(Japanese) source
Probably because it comes in a lot of different flavors and it was my first encounter of the Asian chocolate-stick candy. I can recall going to Japanese stores back home and picking out a flavor of Pocky that looked both cute and yummy. I don't recall ever seeing Pepero there. 

Nevertheless, Pepero is still fun and...I guess cute. But it made the day a lot sweeter, and of course the kids were extra peppy as well. 

Then came the afternoon and I went to work job hunting and also planning my vacation. Around 3:30 I headed up to the room where a Yoga instructor comes and gives a class for the teachers. But it was dreadfully cold and I closed the windows. Then the other attendees came in and proceeded to open the windows. The heater wouldn't come on and I just walked out. I didn't feel like practicing yoga in a drafty cold room. I felt bad mostly because I know I need the exercise. 

After that I went back to the office and just relaxed before heading home. But outside something was brewing. Before I knew it I heard thunder and saw lightning. Indeed, there was some kind of autumn storm going on. The way home proved to be treacherous as the rain poured down and lighting flashed around me. But I was walking with my other coteacher and when we got to her apartment she offered to give me a ride home. I am so grateful!
On top of all this has been the G20 in Seoul, which I haven't really been paying attention to. Sounds like everything has been going well. I think since they have the attendees so cloistered in, all that fuss over whether Seoul was "ready" or not seems to be moot now. 

The kittens are doing fine, by the way. Having two in the house has made it a lot easier! Well till next year Pepero day...

I wonder if Obama is going home with a gift basket of Pepero...haha


  1. Lightning!

    Twix!? Kit Kats are my fav...

    Have there been "beef riots" during this G20? Or were those old clips I saw on CNN the other day?
    Looks like Obama is having a hard time of it at the G20 w/the Asian leaders. He's having a hard time here at home too..........which drives me batty, cause the "Party of No" still hasn't announced exactly what they're going to do about everything that they won elections on criticizing Obama. AND I actually like Nancy Palosi....can u imagine that?!
    I am sooooooooo in the minority now!
    Agh....I've been doing alot of research about global LITERACY/ILLITERACY for the paper I'm working on. I think this is the world's biggest problem, other than melting ice-caps, etc... And a problem I am hoping to help in some way!
    I see you on that path also.....Ms. Joy, my favorite English teacher!

  2. Thanks mom. Well I think the Asian nations want to not let America tell them what to do so much. A lot of pride. But I don't really know the details..need to read.

    Glad to be your fav English teacher. Now if I could only be your favorite son. ;)

  3. Mr. Pinapple man...I like your name.

  4. To Mziriz:
    1) Yes, lightning! (Still not fixed.)
    2) No, I don't think you're so in the minority. It's just that the Dems do such a lousy job explaining themselves that the bully pulpit somehow always belongs to the GOP, and now the "Tea Party".
    3) The vast majority of Americans do not know that Bush started the TARP program. They also do not know that has actually paid for itself.

    Further, only 8% of Americans are aware that they paid less in taxes in 2009 due to tax law changes from the Dems--they think their taxes are higher! Who fills out their forms, may I ask!!!
    4) As you say, "Arrrghh, Grrr, Politics!"

  5. Yup the Dems didn't get the positive message of accomplishments out for sure! They've really bungled elections since '08.

    I was floored to learn while in Europe summer '09 talking to people at a conference I attended in Belgium that many citizens there pay 50% of their income in taxes! Yes they have socialized medical, etc...
    OMG that would NEVER fly here!! These folks didn't like it, but just took it in stride so it seemed....
    What's the income tax deal in S. Korea for its citizens?

  6. Interesting talk. I fixed the spelling error.


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