Saturday, November 13, 2010

Then There Was One

Today JH and I took "Tiger" to his owner, which lives near Everland. I have to say JH was pretty torn with having to let him go. Over the past few weeks he had grown fond of Tiger. All that is left now is "Tom" or the black one. 

My goodness how they grow fast! But in three weeks I will be "homeless" and Tom will go to live with his brother Hamster till I move into my new place in February. (Wherever that will be.)

So far Tom looks a little out of sorts without his playmate. It is kind of sad knowing the family is all broken up. JH and I thought of having family reunions now and then. 

Awe my Tom~


  1. Is your boyfriend experiencing separation anxiety?

    All three of you are welcome to visit Hamster whenever you like.


  2. ahhhhh....he sure is cute! I love his white paws!

  3. Hi Spinster! ;)

    Yes he is but mostly with Tiger. I guess he made his favorite haha. But I think he knows that time was running out.

    Poor Tom is having withdrawal. Meowing in the bathroom.


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