Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I Want Nowon But You

A few weeks ago I went to an interview at a Private Elementary School all the way up in Nowon. The northeast part of Seoul.

I felt good after the interview but knew the guy needed some time to figure out who to pick. Well last week I got an email requesting I come in to go over the "contract details".  That is what I will be doing tomorrow after lunch.

At first my thoughts were, "Nowon is so far and what would the housing be like?" Then I fished around Facebook and found teachers currently working there. I politely asked them about the school and housing and got a positive response.

Now all I am trying to do is hope nothing jinxes me before I get there tomorrow. Anyways, if it all works out I could become a Seoul gal next year. :)


  1. Ooooh! Congratulations! I really hope it works out - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Keep us posted!

  2. I really enjoyed the year I lived in Nowon.

  3. congrats! let me know how you like nowon if you end up moving there. still on the fence about whether we are moving back to korea or what>_<

  4. I lived in Nowon too. Its a great place to base yourself


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